University exhibition offers unique glimpse into ground-breaking research

Brand new exhibition at Winterbourne House and Garden asks University of Birmingham researchers to capture detailed research projects in just one image.

Postgrad Carol Sanders’s composition

Postgrad Carol Sanders’s composition of a man pondering whether to smoke a real or electric cigarette

From the 20th March – 3rd April postgraduate researchers will display a unique collection of photographs and other digital images, which attempt to depict their complex research projects. It is the first time the project has been exhibited in this way.

Covering topics as diverse as Chemical Engineering and Philosophy this body of work is a fascinating insight into the world of scientific study, bringing to the fore scientists’ own interpretation of their research specialisms.

The exhibition is part of the University of Birmingham’s Arts & Science festival, a week-long celebration of the University’s world-leading research.

The collection aims to capture the variety of research that is undertaken at the University, as Kimberley Loynes, Event Organiser, explains:

‘’This exhibition is a fantastic way for people to find out about what research is taking place at the University of Birmingham.  Images are an incredibly accessible form of communication and we have submissions from students from all colleges meaning we have something to interest everyone.

“I personally find myself always drawn to the images with people or animals where you can see their faces and put this in the context of the research.  For example this year we have an image of a man sat in Cannock Wood pondering whether or not to start smoking e-cigarettes in replacement of his usual.  The research undertaken by the postgraduate researcher, Carol Sanders, looks into behaviour and quitting success.  The research is incredibly topical and we can see how it effects us or people we know.’’

This exhibition will take place in the Coach House Gallery which is attached to Winterbourne House and Garden at the University of Birmingham.

The exhibition at the Gallery is free to attend, and runs from 10am – 4pm Wed – Fri which then changes to include Monday and Tuesday in the following week & 11am – 4pm Sat – Sun.

For more information please visit or telephone 0121 414 3003. Please note that although the exhibit is free, admission fees to the House and Garden still apply.

The Arts & Science festival runs from the 18th – 24th March, with events taking place across the Edgbaston and Selly Oak campuses, including a variety of exhibitions, talks and performances. More information about the festival can be found online here

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