Into a technicolour night

Richard Lutz reviews images looking west each evening.


A picture, they say, is worth 999 words give or take a past participle. And that’s the case when it comes to recording the Scottish sunset each night. Okay, sometimes it’s just a dimming of the light looking west towards the Isle of Arran and the remote Kintyre peninsula. But many times it’s in techniolour,v and that’s when my wife Jane regularly photographs the evening, sometimes late into the summer night.
Here’s a full-fat sunset, about 10.30pm. That’s the ridge of the Arran mountains cutting into the sky:


And here’s the Clyde Estuary just below Glasgow as it turns pink:



The evening colours can be pastel, usually after a splash of rain:


The sea is as calm as silk under a fading yellow sky:


Or under the ball of the sun that leaves a streak of light:


Sometimes, all is overshadowed by a brooding cloud pushed by the continual southwesterlies:


Jane takes the photographs with her mobile phone, showing how technology easily records the nightly colours. A final one, a pink sky and the darkening blue shore at low tide:


7 thoughts on “Into a technicolour night

  1. Love these photographs and the summer evening ritual, looking out over the same stretch of water to the same set of hills, none of it ever the same, the colours and moods so varied.

  2. I am just reading The Old Ways by Robert McFarlane.

    There is so much on Scotland and the Isles and your photos provide a perfect complement to his wonderful writing

  3. As a total sucker for sunsets, I can only gasp in admiration. Goat Fell looms forbiddingly when viewed from a puny sea kayak from Bute, giving Arran a sort of raw power I’ve not seen elsewhere. Well, not the Isle of Wight anyway..

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