God save the King

Andy Munro talks about last weekend’s football, or not.

I’m not an avid Royalist by any means, but they probably bring in as much money from tourism as they cost us taxpayers.

Additionally, the Queen has been a figure of common sense and stability, which is more than you can say for the Bojos and Corbyns of this world and is probably one of the reasons why her death has seen such an emotional response.

However, I do take issue with the EFL and the Premier League in cancelling last weekend’s games. If it was the day of the Queen’s demise or her funeral then fair enough, but otherwise it would have been far more timely and appropriate to go ahead with a full sporting calendar. The ‘new’ National Anthem would have been played, sung and black armbands worn at all events.

That way most people who watch either on TV or live would have been fully engaged, but instead we got a blanket cancellation that annoyed a lot more than it seemed to satisfy. Additionally, the response to this reaction, if that makes sense, seemed to scapegoat certain sections of supporters – as if that would have been a problem on the parks pitches where you’re lucky to get more than a handful watching.

Yet again cricket got it right and football got it wrong.