On the beach

Terry Wills wonders whether the Albion are on holiday yet.

West Bromwich Albion HawthornsIn a season that due to a series of highly promising performance initially indicated the possibility that in 2014 we might have seen Albion playing European football, it’s fair to say that based on a subsequent series of disappointing displays this was proved to be no more than a dream.

Into this category I firmly believe that in all my years of following the Baggies I cannot recall seeing a more awful, chaotic, deplorable display from any Albion team than in the first half against Newcastle. Mercifully they improved after the break and could have actually won the game but in saying that Newcastle’s opening half dominance well deserved a valuable point for Alan Pardew’s team.

So just where do Steve Clarke and his players go from here? ‘Limping along going nowhere or hopefully realising they have the chance to finish with their highest Greed League points tally?

Much will depend on Clarke’s chosen team, and I know from chatting to fellow fans that they’re amazed that he rarely starts with the obvious pairing of Shane Long and Romelu Lukaku. But in fairness that obviously depends on which formation he fees is best suited depending on the opposition.

This week sees the club’s annual gift to travelling fans – free transport providing they’ve bought a match ticket in good time. The venue is Southampton and with the Saints still theoretically in danger of suffering relegation, for sure they will be anxious to send Baggies fans departing reflecting on a non-points gathering exercise.

Prospects? Depends on the mood of the players; strolling -giving the ball away via dreadful passing and a lack of concentration, or hopefully rediscovering that at their best they could make it a very happy return journey for travelling fans.

Before closing , congratulations to the Hawthorns crowd who warmly applauded the memory of the late departed Dave Mathews, including the large -as usual – and enthusiastic Geordie supporters.

Come on you Baggies.