There’s only been one talking point at the Hawthorns this week, and Terry Wills comments on it.

Terry WillsI’m asking myself a question as I start, sorry attempt to start, reflecting on the almost unbelievable happenings in and around the Hawthorns during the past few days.

Normally a reaction to the last game would take precedence but in view of the extraordinary shenanigans, courtesy of Peter Odemwingie, he has to be the main focus of attention. All Albion supporters (and due to his previous laughable antics when he was driving merrily on his way to join ‘Arry’s QPR virtually every neutral fan) knew his initial reaction at being denied a transfer to the bright lights of London Town. Request denied-end of story-? No.

He was given another chance by Steve Clark to fight for a place in the team. Many Baggies fans made no bones as too how they felt. Kick him out, get rid,  let him rot in the reserves. His response to being given this chance? A series of childish Twittering directed at fellow players, the chairman by implication and the board for denying him what he felt was deserved. He’s now made it  crystal clear that he wants away and if the club sack him so much the better.

How it will be resolved I have no idea. Media outlets are seemingly reporting every  tweet as the mood takes them but while for them it’s the equivalent of receiving news from heaven quite frankly, for me, enough is enough. The club have confirmed that disciplinary action will be taken, meaning I assume a VERY hefty fine but where does that leave Steve Clarke?

On form Odemwingie is a proven Greed League striker; a valuable asset, and a player I would much rather see playing for Albion than against. I cannot envisage Odemwingie, barring a spate of injuries, being giving a starting place, while his reaction at not being subsequently chosen won’t have done him any favours. I feel as appalled as most supporters at his current and continuing outbursts and I won’t be devastated when he eventually moves on.

However, if he should pull on a Albion shirt again he will have my full support. No booing, or jeering. That could only be counter-productive and help the opposition. To both Albion and Odemwingie the same message. Sort out this nonsense ASAP.

Oh yes, I suppose I have to allude to the goalless draw away at Stoke. Suffice to say every report claimed it would be difficult too even imagine seeing such a dire game so I’ll leave at that. No game this week meaning that the Odemwingie farce will continue to fill the back pages of the sporting press.

Unless. ..

Come on you Baggies.