Hawthorns halted

Terry Wills on two England teams, and the Albion during international week.

Not too much Albion news this week due to a combination of circumstances. But in saying that, it does accord an opportunity to comment on other sporting happenings.

Let’s start with England’s cricketers miraculously snatching a certain defeat, against New Zealand, into what can only be described as a winning draw: Truly astonishing. So, well done one and all. I just hope that this summer – if we have one- won’t leave the green-capped Aussies presenting the same problems. But I suspect that they will.

Which leads on to Roy Hodgson’s England and their attempt to qualify for next year’s World Cup in far off sunny Brazil.

San Marino was little more than a training exercise and the 8-0 win – which could and should have been more – sent them off to Montenegro in high spirits; entertaining hopes that another win would make them clear favourites to automatically qualify as group winners. But – after seeing England (who’d been far the better team in the first-half) struggle to avoid defeat – it merely left me regretfully realising that our chances of ever again actually winning the World Cup are as remote as could be possibly imagined.

As I said, not much Albion news to report apart from investing in a state of the art training facility, and contract talks begun with Gareth McAuley. Gareth has been one of the most consistent performers all season and is certainly worth a new contract, which I hope is forthcoming.

(Almost forgot to mention – has Peter Odemwingie given up on a daily output of Twitters’ and if not why haven’t we been reading about their dramatic, intriguing disclosures?)

Back to action this week as Albion head to Upton Park to face West Ham. Steve, and the players, have said they’re looking to achieve a 50 points total for the season. If that is to be achieved then at least one point needs to be garnished from a game that at face value offer’s the travelling faithful a realistic chance enjoying a trip to the Smoke.

Come on you Baggies.