Contemporary Dance returns to Artrix

Parlor Dance presents Close Distance – A Show About Next Door

Kristina pike jump close distanceContemporary Dance returns to Artrix on Monday, February 4th when the Parlor Dance Company makes its debut at the Arts Centre with its performance of Close Distance – A Show About Next Door.

Helen Parlor, assistant choreographer for the Paralympic Games, has devised and directs this acrobatic and thought provoking dance show, bringing together impressive contact work, speech, animation and visual projections, about the loves of four people, characters who have become neighbours, forced together by where they live.

But what do they have in common ?  And do they want to be so close ?

The show starts at 8.00. p.m and tickets, at £12 (£10), are available from the Box Office on 01527-577330, or you can book online at

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