Birmingham gallery awarded over £457k to modernise Grade-II listed building

Ikon Gallery has been awarded £457,387 by Arts Council England to replace, repair and modernise parts of its Grade II-listed building.

Ikon Gallery

Ikon Gallery

The award is the largest the gallery has received since moving into its current location, the former Oozells Street School In Brindleyplace, Birmingham, in March 1998.

The grant will allow a programme of repairs to take place alongside energy-saving improvements and upgrades. The intention is to reduce costs and improve sustainability in order to preserve Ikon’s ability to showcase world class art in the long term.

Deborah Kermode, Ikon Gallery Deputy Director, said: “Our focus will be on making essential improvements to our galleries, such as upgrading our IT and lighting systems, and repairs to the building including our famous singing lift, an original artwork by Martin Creed. Many of these areas will offer substantial long-term savings to Ikon. We are extremely grateful to ACE for supporting us as this was a very competitive application process with only another two organisations receiving this grant from the region.”

Thirty-five projects have been awarded funding so far as part of Arts Council England’s small capital grants programme, including three from the West Midlands: Ikon Gallery, The Courtyard Centre for the Arts in Hereford and ACE Dance and Music in Birmingham. Nationwide, a total of £11,699,523 funding has been awarded.

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