Is Wolverhampton’s Labour council losing confidence?

John Chubb wonders about the mood amongst Wolverhampton’s civic leaders.

Is the Labour Council losing confidence? Another consultation document from the council arrives in the post this morning. These seem to come as often as we dig up the city’s central Queen Square.

A 15 page A4 booklet asks my views on the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. I recall filling in one of these tomes about libraries and community hubs. I don’t remember too much listening going on.

Two thoughts come to mind. What is the postal cost of this survey of our quarter million city? Second, why does the council keep running to us for our opinions?

Once elected, our representatives should have the confidence and mandate to act accordingly. Seems they want to cover their backs, share the blame and hand us a council-paid election leaflet.

Wolverhampton is not the Athenian Greek City State or a Swiss referendum. We expect politicians to make decisions without coming back to mummy for reassurance.

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