MP Hemming backs clean power law for green jobs

Birmingham Yardley MP John Hemming has pledged his support for renewable energy and green jobs across the West Midlands by becoming the latest Member of Parliament to back a move to clean up UK power and tackle climate change.


John Hemming signed an amendment to the Energy Bill, currently in Parliament, that would set the Government a legal target to remove carbon emissions from the UK’s power supply by 2030. Businesses argue the move would reassure companies looking to make long-term investments in the green economy that could bring new jobs to the West Midlands. Ending Britain’s heavy reliance on gas would also stop rising gas prices from driving up fuel bills.

But Hemming is also warning that unless other MPs follow suit and the target is set by law, the UK risks busting its targets to tackle climate change and losing business and jobs abroad.

John Hemming said: “Green is working – the green economy supports almost a million jobs already and it is helping to stop dangerous climate change. But companies and their supply chains will only invest in Birmingham long-term if there’s a clear pathway for renewable energy in the future. That’s why I support a target in the Energy Bill to cut the carbon from our electricity by 2030 – and I urge other MPs to sign up.”

Birmingham Friends of the Earth’s lead campaigner on Energy & Climate Change, Jacob Williams, said: “John Hemming MP is right to back a target that will help tackle climate change and support new jobs in Birmingham. This Bill is a once-in-a-generation chance to get the UK off increasingly expensive gas and tackle skyrocketing fuel bills by developing cleaner alternatives such as wind and solar power.”

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