Gordon Harley’s thought for the weekend: The elephant in the room

Gordon takes an elliptical journey down a jungle path that has an end.

ElephantThere is an elephant in the room. It gets bigger as I get older. I can turn my back on it. I can close my eyes and pretend it’s not there. But it’s always there.

I’m not very good at dealing with elephants. They do seem very big and difficult. Nobody seems to offer training and support anymore. It seems that my life can still go on if I don’t see the elephant.

As I get older of course the elephant gets bigger and takes up more of the room – there is less for me. It becomes harder to ignore – but I can… just about. I don’t think I like elephants as they really do scare me – they are so big and… they are.

Eventually, of course, there is only the elephant in the room – when I have gone. What happens next is, of course, for another time. But I’ll rewind – why worry about the elephant when I can’t control what is?

The answer is simple – if I accept the elephant, I know what I have and can make the most of what I have.

If I turn and embrace the elephant, the elephant can help me to live a full and happy life. Whilst I cannot stop myself leaving this life, knowing it will end can only help me make the most of what I have.

Of course I can always bury my head in the sand and pretend the elephant is not there… but the elephant will not go away.