Why Romney Lost and Obama Won

Half truths were his downfall


by Richard Lutz

Barack Obama didn’t win last night’s election.

Romney lost it.

Lost the vote and lost the confidence of  Americans. Lost it because he dealt in half truths, wild accusations and downright lies. And the electorate finally saw through it. One such untruth: he told Ohio voters, a crucial swing state, that because of Obama, the Jeep factory would shut and move to China. The boss of Chrysler, which owns Jeep, had to step in and say this was not true.

It went on and on. Romney and his pal Ryan simply could not call a fact a fact. And Obama and his team had to deal with swiping muck and mud off their backs for most of the run up to the vote. Just as the President had to contend with 4 years of hidden racist subtext about his heritage and his past.

It was not as stunning victory as it seems though. The President won re election  with  303 electoral votes to Mr Romney’s 206. But the popular vote remains very close.

So, why good news?

Obama gave the US a trio of fine decisions.

First, his overwhelming gift was to fight for health reform. It was desperately needed. You only have to read Dr Osborn’s Letter from America on this site from earlier this month and her $280,000 health insurance debt, to understand why Obama and his team fought so tough on this new legislation.

It will go down in history instead of being ripped apart from super rich Mitt Romney and his vulpine economic policies.

Secondly, he also began the untying of the murderous wars in Iraq that Bush and Blair so blindingly launched.

And thirdly, the President pumped bucks into the flailing car industry so it wouldn’t go down the tubes and join Birmingham’s Rover operation in the trash bin of industrial history.

When I was in the States this past summer, it was noticeable that many Obama-backers were cool on the guy. They say he was honest but delayed on too many issues. But if the trio of decisions above ( health care reform, an end of war, heavy industry cash injection) are his successes…that’s enough for me.

And it was certainly enough for million of voters.