The same old scene

Terry Wills watches Albion and has a familiar feeling.

Whoever it was in the far distant past that originated the saying ‘Lightning never strikes twice in the same place’ obviously wasn’t an Albion supporter.

It can, it does and if any proof was needed simply compare the Baggies second successive sickening added on time defeat at St James Park following the Manchester City disaster. An even first half was followed by a virtual dominating display by the Baggies, and at the final whistle the lucky (and it was a REALLY lucky) deflected shot left Ben Foster, his team-mates, Steve Clarke and the 1,400 travelling fans looking on echoing the a single thought “Oh no not again.” Although I daresay these choice of words hides what they actually felt.

So what was the reason? Basically, if you don’t take your chances you’re likely to be punished. Stand up and be counted Rumelu Lukaku. Two glorious one on one chances were missed. Dominating a game counts for nowt, it’s all about putting the ball in the net that wins matches and this he failed to do.

But in saying that it was his header that levelled the scores and left us feeling that one point would be better than nothing. Steve Clarke’s decision in choosing Lukaku ahead of Shane Long is begining to split Baggies fans. Long is quick and sharp, always likely to put the ball away. A striker most clubs would wish to have in their side. Lukaku also has pace to burn, is strong, powerful and when in full flight is a handful for any defence to handle.

Sadly at Newcastle it was a lack of finishing that reduced our possible no probable, points tally from three to a big fat zero. Naturally there are and always will be other reasons that matches are won or lost. But at it’s hard to see them when analysing the defeat in Geordieland that left Alan Pardew and his team agreeing that they’d been lucky to win. .

Next up, a televised Monday Hawthorns game against the team everyone seem to be beating-Southampton. Leaking goals and ripe for the picking? On paper yes, but games aren’t won on paper. It’s what happens during the 90 plus added on time that counts and there will be more than a few praying the last two results won’t follow the pattern that’s led to Baggies fans feeling apprehensive.

Steve Clarke has claimed that Southampton will feel the backlash of the last two results. Brave fighting talk, but talk doesn’t win games and I daresay the Southampton hierarchy will heed this declaration and will be flat out to prove they won’t be coming to the Hawthorns simply to make up the numbers.

Yes we should win. BUT…

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