Gordon Harley’s Thought for the Weekend

Gordon Harley asks: “Do you have time stealers?”

CatsI confess, I have a weakness (well probably more than one). I love my kittens. I love watching my kittens, playing with them – tickling their tummies and hearing them purr. Teaching them to fetch with ping pong balls – but accepting that I do most of the fetching (who says animals are dumb?).

And then I look at the clock and an hour has gone. I talk about my kittens as time wasters – as stealers of time. I somehow believe that I could have been doing something more constructive – forgetting the joy that animals bring and how important that is to my life. Time stealers can take many forms from playing with grandchildren to watching the sea or feeding the ducks at the local park.

Accept and enjoy your time stealers. Being busy all the time is not what its cracked up to be.