Add ons at Ardencote

The Spa at Ardencote launches new treatment ‘Add Ons’ menu.

For today’s spa guests, gone are the days when a mere dip in the pool and a luxury treatment would suffice. In the ever-evolving world of wellness, guests are now seeking an unparalleled level of customisation. It is no surprise then that hyper-customisation has been identified as a top trend in the spa and wellness industry this year, allowing spa goers to tailor their experience to their specific needs and desires.

Hyper-customisation is the new definition of luxury and is truly shaping the future of the spa market. As the ‘experience generation’ seek to indulge in unique spa experiences and avoid FOMO (fear of missing out), Warwickshire’s The Spa at Ardencote has unveiled its new ‘Add Ons’ menu. This menu empowers guests to further personalise and elevate their spa experience by adding extra treatment additions to prolong and deepen their wellness benefits.

Taking control of their treatment experience, guests are able to define what the perfect treatment means to them. This bespoke ‘tailor-made’ add-on menu includes:

ELEMIS Hair Oil – The addition of this fragrant luxury hair oil to a massage or facial treatment will enhance the relaxation benefits of the treatment and help to nourish, moisturise and strengthen the hair.

OPI Conditioning Hand mask – The addition of this rich hand mask will help to hydrate, soften and rejuvenate the skin while providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

OPI Conditioning Foot mask – Adding this conditioning foot mask with moisturise, nourish and revitalise the skin while providing a calming and restorative experience to alleviate fatigue and discomfort in the feet.

ELEMIS Eye mask – This hydrating mask will help to soothe and rejuvenate the skin while reducing the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

By introducing the new ‘Add Ons’ to its already extensive treatment menu, The Spa at Ardencote moves away from the conventional ‘one size fits all’ approach. As a five-bubble spa, it aims to offer a more personalised and customised spa experience to its guests with this latest offering, taking one step further in its commitment to providing exceptional service and an unforgettable spa experience.

On the launch of the menu, Spa Manager Holly Glynn says “At The Spa at Ardencote, we understand that every individual is unique and deserves a personalised spa experience. With our new treatment adds ons, we are excited to offer our guests the opportunity to customise their treatment to meet their specific needs and preferences. From enhancing relaxation to targeting specific areas of concern, our treatment add ons provide a bespoke touch that truly sets out spa apart”.