3 Reasons Businesses Use Leaflet Distribution Services

Reasons why the old ways might still be the best.

The most successful businesses have innovative ways of spreading the good word about their operation. Getting things right here takes time and know-how.

Distributing leaflets might seem simple at first. However, these tasks do require expertise. After all, it’s marketing, and what you produce and deliver represents your firm and its capabilities. They have to be so good that people will want to have them in their homes, too, instead of placing them directly in the bin.

Moreover, leaflets still convey vital information today, and people need them. They bring communities together and create change.

Specialists in distributing leaflets can help significantly here. Here are the 3 main reasons firms choose to collaborate with them.

Cost-Effective Targeting

Some marketing initiatives balloon over budget and cast too wide a net. Leaflet experts can keep advertising efforts lean and cost-effective.

DOR-2-DOR prioritise focused and budget-friendly leaflet distribution services for firms of all sizes. Competitive rates range from £59 per 1,000 households down to as little as £35 per 1000 depending on logistics considerations such as when and where firms want things delivered. Areas can also be targeted with great precision, ensuring the company’s leaflets reach the people most likely to engage.

Moreover, these leaflet delivery experts also have a growing network of independently owned and operated franchised offices. So, the business has grown to cover more areas, with franchisees providing the same focus and dedication in their neck of the woods.

Tangible Keepsakes

Digital marketing can be clicked away from easily. In fact, it’s more likely people will view online advertisements as a bother in most cases rather than a real asset to their lives.

Leaflets aren’t often regarded in the same way. They give businesses a physical presence in a person’s home, which is a huge honour. Those receiving them can also feel a more personal connection to what they’re holding and looking through, as it can represent their local businesses and economy. Such creates more feelings of familiarity and fondness.

Distribution services can help with more than just delivery. They can also contribute to these pieces’ artwork and overall design. The experts can help firms create something truly special and unique that people will want to hang on to. Such is a huge advantage of leaflets, too, because even if the recipient doesn’t engage with it immediately, keeping it around in their house could serve them reminder days or weeks later.

Leaflets can be eye-catching and make people think, ‘What if I need this later?’. Distribution services can help accentuate those feelings with their design.

Reliable Data

Marketing is data. Even the old-school approaches to advertising require information to gauge reception and make changes.
There are some overly grand claims that ‘we’re all data-driven digital marketers now‘, but it can pertain to regular marketing too. Leaflet distribution specialists will gather information about many parts of the campaign, including:
• Using GPS tracking to monitor deliveries.
• Utilising in-house backchecking systems for detailed reporting.
• Publishing client case studies so firms can see how their peers prospered with the service.

All this information allows businesses to keep an open mind and adjust their strategies. The leaflet specialists will also be willing to be flexible, tailoring their services to the needs of the companies they work with.