Christmas is cancelled

Andy Munro issues a pre-festive plea.

As the petrol-filling lemmings continue to run over the cliff in an attempt to find the last few drops to fill their tank, I’m hoping that most of them voted for Brexit. Supposedly there is a world shortage of lorry drivers, but I can’t help wondering why this was never a problem when we were in the EU. I’m sure someone will br able to exoplain it for me.

Apparently this may get worse and Christmas may be cancelled again. But does this really matter, when most people don’t believe in the sentiment that lies behind Christmas in any case? If things get difficult they can stuff themselves and get legless a few weeks later. celebrating Valentine’s Day is just as logical as the Feast of St Stephen.

However, there is already panic buying of crackers and mince pies and things can only get worse as the great British public goes into meltdown, again. How wonderful it is to be British!