Blues put through the Mill

Blues go down at Rotherham. Andy Munro tried to find consolation.

Blues left without a whimper or any points against a Rotherham team who fully deserved their win. The less said about the match the better, with probably only John Ruddy emerging with any semblance of credit.

The wavelengths of Radio WM were jammed with irate fans but some of the comments were way off beam in terms of solutions. So perhaps it is time to confound a few myths…
St Andrews

First of all it has to be said that we were outclassed by a Rotherham side who have never, to my knowledge, spent even a million pounds on a single player so to me our lack of cash is almost a red herring. Admittedly, though, some of our previous managers (Lee Bowyer included) need to take responsibility for some pitifully poor signings.

Secondly, the 4-4-2 mantra has started up again, when the vast majority of EFL clubs play 3-5-2 and nobody can tell me that those sides have an untapped resource of ‘natural’ wingbacks rather than converted wingers.

Thirdly, there’s the suggestion that we are playing too many youngsters, when,in the senior players are probably more culpable than their junior colleagues.

Finally, and suddenly Ryan Woods was apparently the footballing Messiah that we lost, a player who could protect the back four. This is the Ryan Woods who was oft (and rightly in my opinion) criticised for being lightweight and a player who in old money parlance couldn’t tackle a fish supper.

However, the one thing that all Bluenoses agree on is the lack of pace and sharpness up front. Lyle Taylor would be a popular loanee but won’t solve the pace problem so with the transfer door about to close, things look bleak. If we don’t sign anybody before the deadline, apart from the encouraging prospect of Beilik making his Blues debut and Gary Gardner bringing his experience I would rather enjoy watching youngsters than the ‘oldsters’ given our paucity of resources.

One thing is certain, it’s never easy being a Bluenose.