The not so magnificent seven

Andy Munro has a bit of a moan.

The longer this lockdown goes on the grumpier I’m becoming and the more things get on my nerves. Here’s my current crop of varied grouses, in no particular order:

– COVID Deniers: These are the sort of people who still think the world is flat and COVID is a plot. They also believe that the vaccinations will turn us all into humanoid robots. Mostly and conveniently, they are not in the vulnerable categories and they obviously think that governments across the globe see economic ruin as a vote winner.

-Trump Rednecks: You’ll have seen the scenes of the hicks storming Capitol Hill. Every trailer park in the USA must have been empty at the time and seeing the footage one fears for the future of the world if that’s an example of citizens from its most powerful nation.

– Bojo Blustering: The Prime Minister continues to burble and stammer in his public schoolboy manner at his embarrassing briefings. The fact that he was voted in must make Jeremy Corbyn ashamed that he couldn’t even beat that sort of calibre of opposition.

– VAR: It’s ruining the spontaneity and passion of the world’s greatest game, and even then it gets things wrong. Let’s go back to the days when the only technology was goalline.

– The BBC weather forecast: The summary shows Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and London but seems to forget there is a second city. That sums up the Beeb and the media generally.

-Taking the Knee: Okay for a week but it’s become a hackneyed excuse for not actually doing something and the continual display is likely to just turn Joe Public off what should be an important issue to address. And why do the commentators have to flippin’ explain it every time it happens?

– Hand Sanitisers: In reality, far more important in supermarkets than face masks. Not using a sanitiser means that an individual can touch and infect hundreds of items touched by hundreds of other people. One sanitiser unpoliced and unenforced is a regular standing joke at the local supermarket.

I feel a lot better now with that off my chest.