Getting ready for the off?

Andy Munro looks over the happenings at St Andrews.

With the season due to resume shortly, transfer and other rumours are on the increase. The latest one at St Andrews is that Massimo Cellino, former owner of leeds and now at Italian club Brescia, is interested in taking over Blues. While I’m no admirer of the Chinese ruling junta at the Blues, I have to say that Cellino has always struck me as an Italian version of Ken Wheldon, and certainly had a controversial time at Elland Road. So, in my view, it would probably be a case of out of the frying pan (or should that be wok?) and into the pizza oven.

Meanwhile, the neat and tidy (and not much more) player that is Kerim Mrabti is following a few others out the door while Bazza Fry is touting the undoubted playing talents of the Posh’s Marcus Maddison who is going to be available on a free. Unfortunately, he’s supposed to be a wild card, personality-wise, which I can understand looking at his tattoo gallery. Mind you, I’m of the age when the only people that had tattoos had either been at sea or in prison for a very long time. Personally, as a free, I think he’s worth a punt unless he gets too greedy on the wages front, for which he appsrently has form.

Meanwhile, the other talk is around Rangers’ keeper Wes Foderingham, who apparently Steve Gerrard said wasn’t his type. Let’s hope that is in the footballing sense or we might have a Black Saturday on our hands. He’s apparently a more than decent keeper and, as a free, is another one worth a punt.

All good stuff, as part of the footballing rumour mill that we all love to follow.