Ask Howard – Is Boris the best?

Sir Howard ‘Bossman’ Elston gives the lowdown on the Low Down.


Question: Is Boris Johnson the right man to lead this country? – asks Kathy from Warwick

Answer from Sir Howard – Boris is the right man for the nation. Only this week, he showed his true class:

  • He let his advisor Dominic Cummings ignore government advice and drive 280 miles (and back) to isolate near mummy and daddy. This, as families throughout the UK couldn’t even attend family funerals and say a final goodbye to parents, little children, sisters or brothers
  • A report says, as London mayor, he handed out huge dollops of taxpayers’ money to invite his American very close friend Jennifer Arcuri come on Foreign Office junkets to sell British business acumen. She specifically went on trade missions to New York and Israel with Johnson even though her company was initially rejected because she failed a criteria test. Her company also received a £100,000 grant from the culture dept while Boris was City boss
  • He was forced to make an humiliating 180 degree turn on taxing overseas NHS workers who use the very medical service for which they work, sometimes under dangerous, if not fatal, conditions 
  • No one still understands how he and his cabinet stooges got it so blunderingly wrong about the mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic

So yes, Kathy from Warwick, he’s good for our country. And our country is good.


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2 thoughts on “Ask Howard – Is Boris the best?

  1. Dominic Cummings has travelled farther with Coronavirus than Crewe Alexandra ever did in its 143 year competitive history

  2. Cummings is clearly an arrogant sociopath. The thought that he is the puppet-master pulling the strings of the fuzzy Johnson and his inept side-kicks is a truly scary scenario. The guy blatantly flouts the regulations he helped to establish then calmly rationalises his exceptionalism.

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