Trump shock exclusive: His first mid-term interview

Our White House newshound, Sir Howard Elston, sits down with the Prez.

Kim Jong Un



Your Highness, Lord Donald, congratulations on your 99% vote backing for your regime. It far outdoes any democratic vote in Syria, North Korea and other free democratic nations 


Thanks Harold …. now get off your knees and sit down …

SHE (brushing off his trousers):

Thank you, Oh Gracious One. Your outstanding win means you can sack useless Sessions, sack the traitor Mueller and ban crummy fake press spies…what’s next?


Well, following the publication next week of my fabulous memoir, The Nuremberg Diaries, I shall track down those who wish to attack me. I shall begin with Re-Education Camps set up in the beautiful North Dakota Jungle and then move to arrest…..(see full interview on


    Tomorrow: Prince Charles describes how his £40 billion wealth portfolio will not affect his democratic monarchy when he inherits the Golden Imperial Throne of Ruritainia




8 thoughts on “Trump shock exclusive: His first mid-term interview

  1. He could do all of these things and more, and still the pack would bay “Lock ’em up!”. The demons are loose and they have not had their fill yet

  2. That was a good result yesterday. Hopefully it puts some proper checks on that maniac – but I was disgusted how he treated the press at the press conference afterwards. He just can’t handle criticism..

  3. A true statesman would have congratulated the democrats during the conference. And perhaps he could have reminded the journalists that the very fact that they can stand there and have a face to face argument with the president of the United States is what a great democracy is all about. But instead he just got more and more wound up because he didn’t have the answers, wouldn’t admit he’d lost the people’s vote and couldn’t take it on the chin when he was challenged.

  4. Unfortunately, not funny. I wish it were. It is a frightening time. I’m off to a demonstration in the cold – gladly not raining.

  5. The video footage of the the Trump/CNN reporter encounter tells it all…. the guy (Acosta) was, I thought, being v professional and u can see he was really rattling Tramp by doing so. Those in the trade shouldn’t have to change their professional toolkit to de-rail him…..

  6. The U.K. manifested the breakdown of a society/culture with Brexit, the USA did it with Trump

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