Barcodes too expensive

Andy Munro ponders Blues’ 4-0 defeat at Newcastle.

This defeat always seemed on the cards despite Shotton’s “We’re going to man up” pre-match trash talk and the usual meaningless managerial dialogue of “respecting each other” and the rest. In fairness, while Newcastle were on a ‘bad’ run, it wasn’t in the same ballpark as being thrashed at home by an average Barnsley set up.

Dwight Gayle was one of the significant differences, but so he should have been given his megabucks tab; well outside the reach of a club like Blues past, present and future. However his profile of a sharp, quick goal poacher Defoe-style is what we sadly lack. Losing 4-0, it would be easy to blame the defence but their fragility is partly brought on by a listless midfield in front of them.

In fairness, one of the bright spots was a cameo performance by Cory O’Keefe although that is perhaps clutching at the proverbial straws. However, maybe it’s time for a shake up by giving youth its chance, from the start. Perhaps with the addition of Fabrini…letting the Italian go, as things stand, may not be the best move given the general feeling that we lack quality – the one thing that the little Italian has in spades. The current blend in midfield isn’t working as we are continually losing the battles in the centre of the park, made even worse when Davies is suspended or marooned on the wing.

Up front is now becoming a problem as well. Donaldson looks shot whilst there is a concern that Jutkiewicz wins headers but isn’t mobile enough. Somebody like Adams buzzing around would be the answer if young Che was the finished article which unfortunately, he’s not. Currently, he’s more of a good substitute option rather than an automatic starter.Even though he was hauled off at half time, I still think Stewart has potential, particularly as an option down the middle.

Either way, let’s hope we will still be in touch with the play offs, post-Ipswich and Brighton but most of us know that a solid mid-table spot beckons.