Road map to Pence-sylvania



With all the noise about Donald Trump, how about the other guy- the one a heartbeat away from the Oval Office? Richard Lutz checks the facts

Mike Pence will be Vice President come the new White House regime.

He is a former Democrat who voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976 and listed JFK and Martin Luther Jnr as among his heroes. Then he veered right – very conservative – becoming a Congressman and then governor of Indiana. His role model now is former VP Dick Cheney.

So, where does the new Vice President stand on things? Here’s a quick rundown:

ABORTION: An unwavering opponent. While governor, Indiana saw a bill become law banning women from having an abortion on the basis of gender or serious disability. In 2007 he wanted to strip Planned Parenthood of funding. He says it’s “morally wrong” to back stem cell research. A federal judge later blocked the law. “I’m pro-life,” he said during the campaign.

GUNS: Two years ago as Indiana governor, he signed a bill allowing guns to be kept in vehicles on school property (opposed by state school bodies) and allowed the powerful National Rifle Association to train the National Guard in carrying concealed weapons. He opposes any restriction on assault rifles.

IMMIGRATION: While in the governor’s chair, he unsuccessfully tried to block Syrian refugees from settling in Indiana. And earlier this year, before being picked as a VP choice, a federal judge said a move by him  to stop federal funding for refugee re-settlement was unconstitutional. But he did distance himself from Trump’s “total ban” on Muslim entrance into the States. He backed the Mexican Wall promise.

GAY RIGHTS: He originally backed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which critics say simply discriminated against LGBT people by allowing businesses to refuse service on religion grounds. Under pressure, he later added an amendment to ensure this law did not discriminate against gay men and women. In 2000 he said that Congress should oppose expansion of gay anti-discrimination laws. He backed calls for ‘conversion therapy’ to change sexual orientation. Pence opposes same sex marriages. As a Congressman, he opposed federal funding to support HIV and AIDS care.

CLIMATE: He  refutes the scientific facts on climate change. “Global warning is a myth” he wrote in 2001. In 2009 he led an effort to stop stricter anti-emission laws in the States. Two month ago, he seemingly flip-flopped, saying there was no question that human activity affects the climate and environment.

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  1. What a wonderful world. I heard that Steve Bannon had been a Carter voter as well before falling for the Gipper…

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