No bobbin for the Robins

Andy Munro watches as Blues continue their top six quest.

Make no mistake about it, Bristol City have put together a talented side full of threat with the likes of Lee Tomlin and Tammy Abrahams, although luckily not quite as robust in their defensive set-up despite a back four with a physique that would please Mr T.

They were ninth with a paper’s width separating them from play-off positions and positions in the Championship don’t lie whether you’re Villa or Burton Albion. This was an exhilarating game watched by a decent crowd despite very chilly conditions. Mind you, it could have been decenter if 8,000 Blues ‘fans’ had been able to make it but instead needed to go shopping, had an appointment with their favourite armchair, had to put up some shelves etc, etc.

Early on, open football led to a number of chances and Blues could have been three up but as chances came and went, the expression ‘come back to haunt us’ hung in the winter chill air. This wasn’t helped by Blues discomfort at times when threatened, plus Bristol City’s increasing corner count. This was even more apparent in the second half and Blues had to thank a Banks-like display by Kuscak for keeping on terms.

However, over the whole game, we probably edged the chances tally but there was no denying that we were under the cosh at times. Fair play again to Gary Rowett, who gambled to bring on the athleticism and pace of Stewart and Adams and it was these two, with the help of Morrison who worked our just about deserved winner.

A decent performance and excellent result were marred slightly by Spector’s sending off as he took one for the team. We badly miss Tesche but, in his absence, Davies had another barnstorming game. Cotterill did a lot wrong but, then again, he did a lot right (except in the eyes of the growing Cotterill Haters Club). Up front, playing both Donaldson and Jukwiecz will continue to be a waste of time whilst they play like two separate target men.

Donaldson needs to be instructed as the man who runs off for the many flicked headers and lay offs which will undoubtedly come his way. Gary, are you listening and while I’m at it how about being really daring and leaving somebody by the half way line when we concede a corner? The mathematical formula is one attacker = two defenders.