Trump flames out in prez deebate

Richard Lutz somehow stayed awake through the wee hours in England for the Trump/Clinton bunfight.

Ms Clinton talking to someone with white hair

Ms Clinton talking to someone with white hair

It really is weird that though you are asleep at 1.45 AM..I mean deep asleep…you can still snap awake if there is something on the all night radio. Your brain is snoozing. But your ears are, well, all ears.

And so when the BBC World Service announcer said it was switching over to live coverage at Hofstra for the presidential debate, I heard it. How does that happen? The brain, even mine, is a wonderfully unfathomable thing. Does that mean we are listening all the time when we slumber?

As an affiliated member of The Intl Brotherhood of Referees, I have Hillary winning on points. Trump never delivered a solid punch.













Of course, trump was not helped by the fact that he cannot string a sentence together. Trump simply has a problem with words. How about  the ‘not-very-nice-to-police” judge he mentioned when banging on about stop and frisk laws in New York? Surely there was a better phrase stumbling around in his muddled head.

You’d think that the man, with his Ivy League graduate degree, his background, his experience in the business world, could somehow allow him to put monosyllabic words together. And that was just one fart of words which made little sense. Dozens of others vomited out of my TV.

Time and again, Trump was simply stumped, And it wasn’t as if he was up against a communications wiz, either. Clinton will use twenty words when three would do. She waffles.

And she missed the knock out punch an open goal time and again, failing to deliver, especially, when Trump floundered over his casual links with the Federal tax system. I mean, it wasn’t even a matter of Clinton delivering a one two punch. At times, it was as if she only had to hold up a balled fist for Donald Trump to run at it with his chin stuck out in front. Her man Bill, or Obama, or Reagan would have stitched Trump up something serious if they were behind her podium.

But the simple fact is Hillary Clinton LOOKED more presidential. After all, this is TV, the image is the message. Trump looks like a whale blubbering around on a bleak beach. His barely comprehensible venom was sterile, ludicrous, infantile, And though Clinton does bumble about in a blether of words sometimes, at least she kept her cool, made her points and went home a winner.

Decison: 15 rounds: Clinton on points 134-131

3 thoughts on “Trump flames out in prez deebate

  1. I listened to it online form here. Occasionally I would look at them. The more the ‘debate’ went on, the more flustered Trump appeared. Clinton seemed to become more & more solid, less nervous & even a bit more empathic than I have seen her previously. Trump’s constant interrupting whether it be Holt or Clinton seemed to speak Volumes to me.

    And now I am reading about his reactions the next day. The Mic was faulty

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