No news or good news?

Andy Munro on the current situation at St Andrews.

So last season’s leading scorer, Clayton Donaldson has signed to play for us until it’s time for him to pick up his bus pass. That was good to hear while Demi Gray has apparently also committed himself to celebrating his 21st in the Trevor Francis suite.

Of course, if I was old and cynical (guilty on both counts), I would say Gray’s agent is behind this. Another season, a long contract and therefore the ability to demand a fat transfer fee in the future with the consequent effect on the agent’s commission. However, that doesn’t matter at the moment as we can hopefully look forward to some scintillating performances and, if Demi has to be sold (and one hopes not) a massive transfer receipt.

Not such good news is our failure to prise Tesche away from Forestc whose chairman is apparently playing hard ball on all his players. Hasn’t anybody told Tesche that while he might never be a German international, at least playing for Blues away from home, he would have the honour of playing whilst wearing the new German flag kit?

Anyway, we’re now back in for Fabrini whose apparently been offered to us for £1 millon, although given our continued shaky financial position that might as well be £100 million. Maybe this is the time to properly blood the undoubted talent that is Reece Brown to take the stage an d challenge the gifted but flaky Andrew Shinnie.

If we are to even dream of the play-offs we need, at least, another central defender, an influential midfielder and a central forward but either way, at least we’ll start the season with some hope.

On the ownership front, it appears that the merry go round continues to whirl in ever-decreasing circles as Ernst Young, Pannu, Yeung and Trillion Trophies dance around the handbags, financially speaking. It’s now got to the stage where I ignore any ‘Breaking News’ and just let myself be calmed by Peter Panos’ positivity whose Grecian calmness wouldn’t go amiss in his own country’s parliament, given that their financial state is about on a par with that of BCFC.