Election night special

The Birmingham Press guide to the 2015 General Election, as it happens.

02:52 We’re now hearing that Ladywood will declare at around 3.30.

01:42 John Hemming says “I think I’ve lost.”

01:39 By general agreement this is the slowest night for results in memory but it seems we might be getting ready for the Ladywood announcement.

00:47 Still no news about when the first Birmingham declaration (almost certainly Ladywood) will be made. Tories upbeat over the national picture, Labour trying to find cause for optimism.

00:01 It seems there is just one lone bench awaiting votes to count here.

23:34 Yardley MP John Hemming is sounding strangely downbeat. “I’m not confident.”

23:19 Selly Oak boxes arriving.

23:17 Looks like it’s just Selly Oak waiting to start counting here at the ICC.

22:54 Sunderland South, as ever, first result.

22:19 Ladywood result expected from 12:30 onwards.

10:05 New of the first exit poll – 316 Tory, 239 Labour.

10:02 First ballot papers arriving.

21:36 Here at the ICC tension is mounting as officials begin to arrive ahead of the 2015 General Election count.

We’ll be reporting through the night as the results come in, so stay with us as we bring you the results from Birmingham and beyond