Young Walsall business buffs receive national award

Teen entrepreneurs rewarded for initiative.

Young business brains from Walsall were awarded at the Young Enterprise Tenner Awards on Friday 1st May at the Telegraph offices in central London.

Jay Singh Sikka, and a group who set up Wolf Pack Prints, were all national winners at the event. Jay won the Innovation Award for the 11-14 age group, and Wolf Pack Prints won the Best Group Award for the same age group.

The Tenner Challenge is supported by BGF (Business Growth Fund) and gives young people aged 11-19 a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Participants are pledged £10 and have four weeks to make a profit and engage with their community. They have the chance to think of a new business idea and make it happen, using real money to take calculated risks in the business field.

This year 21,000 students from over 400 schools across the UK registered to take part in the Tenner Challenge in February and March.

Wolf Pack Prints sold personalized mugs and t shirts, and is comprised of Roop Dillon, Keaton Hargun, Jamie Wood, Samuel Garbett and Kasim Arif.

Roop Dillon said: “It’s really good to win because going into it, you don’t think about it on a national scale; you’re just competing within your school, so the main objective was just to do better than everyone else in the school. Doing it on a national scale was mindblowing.”

Keaton Hargun added: “I’ve learnt the importance of team building, because even though we’re friends we don’t know much about each other outside school. Working together as a team was our biggest challenge, even though we’re good friends.”

Jay Singh Sikka sold lunch passes for the lower years to use the sixth form café. He said: “It feels amazing because after all the work I have put in, and the experience I’ve had, it’s great to have got this recognition. My favourite part of the whole experience was the selling. Having the crows rushing towards me all wanting tickets was a great feeling.”

Pic: Wolf Pack Prints