Through the mill

Andy Munro on Blues’ Good Friday win.

You’re manager of the Blues, playing at home to a struggling Rotherham team who are devoid of confidence. Their team is made up of obscure players who nobody has ever heard of except for two much-travelled strikers who bombed at Derby and Blues respectively. Would you say:

(a) “Right lads, I’m playing two up front, don’t give them anytime to settle and let’s take the game to them right from the off” or

(b) “I’m just playing one up front and don’t worry if they have a comfortable time on the ball because hopefully we will eventually draw them in and then maybe we can nick a goal or two.”

Obviously and predictably, we went for option (b) and although we played well after an uninspiring opening, you got the sense that Rotherham’s confidence was building.

However, not dwelling on the negatives, Tesche looked class throughout and deserved his goal. Donaldson worked like a Trojan and thoroughly deserved his spectacular header. Cotterill, whilst not scintillating, always looked the man most likely to and, as usual, was ably backed up by Caddis.

In defence, despite the tragic mistake that led to the Rotherham goal, the return of Morrison made a big difference. Mind you, if I was making a return from injury in the Championship, I would choose an opponent like Derbyshire, although despite his general mediocrity we still suffered the curse of the returning striker.

Of course, their goal meant the usual squeaky bum time for Blues fans although we woke up again in the last ten minutes. The subs that Gary Rowett made probably had to be questioned. Surely once Shinnie started to fade away as per usual, it was time to bring on our tricky Italian signing and when the unimpressive Gray was hauled off, it seemed to shout out for the energetic Wes Thomas.

Instead, bringing on the likes of Dyer and Davies meant that we were hanging on for grim death at home to a struggling Rotherham side instead of having the confidence to take the game to them. Incidentally , Gray never got going and doesn’t help his cause by, too often, only running after the ball is played instead of anticipating. Mind you, it’s easier for defenders when our full-back fails dismally to overlap with any vigour leaving Demi a lonely figure.

A couple of points on the crowd. It was one of the lowest attendances despite being bolstered by an enthusiastic away following (well done Rotherham) while too many Blues fans must have been at home in the warm laying an egg for Easter. Of course, we can all blame that on the Chinese, can’t we?