Dear Gary

Andy Munro opens his heart to the new Blues manager.

I remember you as a top player for the Blues and since then you have seemed to do very well at Burton. Recently, I was in the audience at the BBC Mailbox for Manish’s Late Night Football Show and you talked the most sense of everybody there….mind you, you were sitting next to Stan Collymore so that has to be taken into account.

We all realise that you are taking over a club at one of its lowest points with little or no money to spend. We are also about to embark on a fixture list from hell which doesn’t help matters. So our expectations aren’t high and many of us think that things are so bad that we might have to do a Wolves and go down before we can progress in the longer term.

We are hoping, however, that there is one thing that you retain from the generally disastrous Lee Clark era, and that was Clark’s tendency to give the young players a chance. However, even that had started to become questionable and I would now commend to you Denny Johnstone, Reece-Brown, Mitch Hancox and Amari Bell. This is not to forget Koby Arthur, Will Packwood, Callum Reilly and Demarai Gray. On the subject of Demarai, don’t be surprised if the club try and sell him to somebody like Liverpool. Hopefully you can persuade them otherwise.

Unlike Clark, we hope that you will try and keep a regular shape to the side and also not leave out players at the drop of a hat. Hopefully this will breed the sort of understanding that was so impressive about Leicester City last year.

It’s great to have a real Bluenose in charge and we will be patient, not expecting too much in the first few games as long as the players give their all over 90 minutes. Mind you, one home win would be nice. You will notice crowds are lower than they used to be but don’t take it personally as this is just dissatisfaction with the owners.

Wishing you all the best,

A supporter for 55 years.