Black History Month call for submissions

Aston-based arts centre The Drum are calling for help with their latest project.

In partnership with Birmingham City Council, The Drum is the official organisers of Black History Month 2014 and are putting together a collection of events and activities offering people from around Birmingham the opportunity to explore and learn about the history and heritage of African, Caribbean and Asian communities in particular their struggles, achievements and contributions. A brochure and website that will list events taking place in Birmingham during October will shortly be published.

The theme this year will be Commonwealth and World War I, with the launch event taking place on Friday 26th September. As the UK commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, The Drum will use performance and talks to show how the Africa, Caribbean and Asian communities at home and overseas contributed to the Great War.

If you have an event, exhibition, talk or activity planned to celebrate this year’s Black History Month, please email Paulette Francis-Green on for a submission form. The deadline for returning your form is Friday 8th August.

2 thoughts on “Black History Month call for submissions

  1. Are the Council also sponsoring any White History Months, or would that be too, “~racist~” in some way?

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