The season now ending

Terry Wills is not a happy Baggie, even if he is about to see history being made.

Terry Wills

Down the years – too many! – I’ve seen and read an innumerable number of media reports, views and opinions from Baggies fans, in relation to how their favourite team has played in a particular game, ranging from good, bad, and indifferent. But never had I been forced to digest such a universally damning summing up as I read of the dreadful performance at Carrow Road.

Okay, Norwich needed the three points to ensure they wouldn’t be returning to Championship football next season, as opposed to Steve Clarke’s charges realising that whatever the result they’d continue to bank salaries that the ordinary man in the street could only dream of.

Both manager and players admitted it was a horrendous display at Norwich and they’d do their best to put it right against the newly crowned champions.

But, whatever the result, there’s no doubt that Baggies supporters are already worrying that, unless the squad is strengthened, next season will be a case of simply hoping for the best.

Chances of Romelu Lukaku wearing a Albion shirt next season? Hope I’m proved wrong but I feel it’s highly unlikely. Will Marc-Antoine Fortune stay unless he’s offered a two year contract? Doubtful. Has Steve Clarke seen sufficient differing displays to basically settle on what he considers to be a regular formation?

All will be revealed in due course. All that loyal supporters can do is to sit back hoping that whatever is decided on by chairman Jeremy Peace, his board and manager, will turn out be correct.

One thing is for sure – on Sunday the media will be out in force eager to be able to say, “I/we were there to see Sir Alex’s final game,”

Whatever the result,

Come on you Baggies.