Simmer down

Terry Wills on the Albion and some unsavoury happenings elsewhere.

West Bromwich Albion HawthornsAnother week of no Albion activity due to Manchester City booking a place in next month’s FA Cup Final. And looking ahead has there ever been a final when the name of the winners could be inscribed on the cup before the game is played!? I may be doing Wigan a grave injustice but if they should pull off what appears to be a footballing miracle they’ll rightfully receive every plaudit possible.

What tarnished City’s win in their semi–final was a return to what every fan had hoped was dead and buried – hooliganism on a grand scale. I suppose the fact that it was the notorious Millwall fans, with their reputation stretching back decades, in the other semi meant the possibility that could return, but what dreadful pictures to be flashed around the world. Even worse were those scenes at Newcastle after they’d been hammered by their bitterest rivals, Sunderland, at St James Park. Yes, with both sides facing the possibility of relegation there was inevitably pride on at stake on a grand scale. But not to the extent that made even the Wembley shenanigans look tame in comparison.

Down the years I’ve felt that Newcastle supporters were among the best around. Full of humour, appreciated good football and prepared to offer (albeit reluctantly) that if they been beaten, then that’s what had to be. Which leads onto Albion’s return to this week’s Greed League action.

A Newcastle team struggling to avoid relegation and desperately hoping to put that result behind them – at Albion’s expense Due to our far from convincing displays of the past few weeks Alan Pardew must be urging his team to give 100% all -out effort. If they do-, and Albion fail to step up a gear, they could gather a vital result but from my and every Baggies supporter’s perspective that shouldn’t happen.

Okay we’re safe, and in a comfortable top half position, but every point we can gather means fans can look forward to enjoying next season, whatever it may hold, with a degree of optimism.

There will be players coming and going. But for now let’s concentrate on sending the genuine Newcastle fans back to Tyneside mourning and reflecting on another disappointing performance.

Minus the behaviour that we saw last week of course.

Come on you Baggies.