Sunday lunch at Hotel La Tour

Our roving eating machine, Tammy Facey, has been out and about scoffing once more. Here’s her latest mange tout….

When you’re thinking of what to have or where to go for Sunday lunch, a hotel isn’t generally at the top of the list. However Birmingham’s Hotel La Tour might just make you reconsider.

Hotel La Tour

As soon as you walk in Hotel La Tour’s, you’ll notice that the interior mirrors it’s chic exterior; revolving doors allow you to enter in style, dramatically stylish black lampshades encase the ceiling lights, and the sleek, vast, dark wood lobby (which gives room to larger dining groups) is a welcome change from the usual over-crowded, over-booked inner-city hotels.

In short, Hotel La Tour provides a welcome you deserve.

piano Hotel La TourThe stairs you ascend to the restaurant have a stunning light feature which is an amalgam of extra large navy, silver and pearl bauble-like lights that are dramatic and impressive. As you climb the stairs, the heat envelopes you while you make your way towards this plushy-floored, velvet-chaired walk to the restaurant. To the left of the restaurant is a large black, patent piano, where their in house artist sings for your pleasure while you dine. Oh the luxury.

Now Sunday lunch isn’t your typical meat and two veg at Hotel La Tour – it’s a three course menu that is of five star quality.
Here’s what we had:

BeetrootBeetroot tart with goats cheese and rocket salad
Classically delicious flavours that complimented each other well. It was just enough to whet the appetite.

Treacle cured salmon
Incredibly fresh citrus flavours with a small fennel salad. Not what you’d expect of a Sunday lunch, but very good.

Sirloin of Beef
We both opted for the lamb, but unfortunately it had sold out. My boyfriend chose the beef. It came with a large Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, carrots and parsnips served with a tasty, rich gravy. I could have easily drank the gravy and been satisfied.

Pork cutletsPork cutlets with fondant potato and apple sauce.
It was definitely appealing in terms of presentation, but because I am not a fan of crackling I put the curled, crunchy fragments aside.

Chocolate tart with vanilla cream
In all honesty it didn’t quite hit the spot, the chocolate was darker than I imagined and it was cold. Overall the chocolate tart is unimpressive.
creme brulee

Creme Brulee
Oh my God this was delicious. With a vanilla bean middle, delicate shortbread rounds, and three raspberries, it was the perfect amount, and not overly sweet. It really hit the spot.

If you want something that beats your usual Sunday lunch, Hotel La Tour is a must. It’s not as pricey as you might think either. For three courses it’s £24.00, £18.00 for two. Add in drinks and you won’t spend more than £25-40 between two depending on your appetite.

So dress up a bit more of a Sunday and pop those cufflinks and earrings on, because La Tour is a rather swish affair.

Hotel La Tour
Albert Street
B5 5JE

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