New dawn fades

Terry Wills on another disappointing week for the Albion.

Sunday February 3rd and it’s Albion versus Spurs, a fixture which over the years has given me a series of recollections that stick in the memory: As did this one but for all the wrong reasons.

I frequently bemoan the happenings that fans are forced to endure.

Grossly overpaid players who dive in an attempt to convince officials that the merest (if that) slightest knock has left them seemingly writhing in agony are distasteful in the extreme. So to the latest episode as Goran Popov spat in the general direction of a Spurs player – an obnoxious habit in itself but one that’s now seen throughout the 90 minutes of any game without cause. Many players simply indulge in the habit as they walk away from kicking the ball-captured by the miss nothing eye of a television lens. Popov expressed astonishment while supporters could only look on in disgust – fans that were unaware of what had happened were astonished as to why he’d been shown a red card. It was a dismissal that subsequently left Albion a player short and eventually led to a wonderful goal from the brilliant Gareth Bale, consigning Steve Clarke’s ailing Baggies to yet another defeat after a promising first 45 minutes.

Based on the last dozen or so games Albion’s results are the worst of any of the clubs that are struggling to avoid the drop into the Championship and consequently a reduction in revenue that will almost certainly mean their best players being poached by the Premier League big boys. We have players completely out of touch, especially Jonas Olsson, and matches looming large that without a return to three early season form can only see the position get worse. Then there’s the nonsensical wantaway Peter Odemwingie situation. What’s to be done to rectify matters?

First another televised Greed League game at Anfield and with Louis Suarez and Steven Gerrard both playing at their best this looks to be yet another defeat in front of the Kop faithful, who believe they can still make a Champions League spot. Perhaps I’m being too pessimistic but judged on calls to our local radio stations and letters to the press, there are many of the same mind.

Here’s praying that we’re all wrong and that a return to the good times are waiting just around the corner and not ending in the sight of a cul-de-sac blocking any wishful thinking.

Come on you Baggies.

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