Finding every child’s talent – The Fonz at the NEC

Henry Winkler, actor and children’s author, best known for playing character Fonzie in the US sitcom Happy Days, will speak on the impact of dyslexia on students and learning during the School Leaders Summit at the Education Show 2013 on Thursday 14 March 2013.

Henry WinklerAs a dyslexia sufferer, Henry is working with leading education charity Achievement for All 3As, and the widest–read weekly children’s publication First News, on the First News My Way! campaign. The campaign is touring schools to raise awareness of the needs of children with learning challenges, to dispel the resulting stigma and bullying in schools throughout the UK, and to support the work of Achievement for All 3As in improving progress in reading, writing and maths for children with difficulty learning.

During his session at the Education Show, titled ‘Finding every child’s talent – Achievement for All’, Henry will look to inspire teachers to support their pupils and to encourage them to help all their students aspire to achieve their best.

Henry’s passion for supporting those with dyslexia stems from his personal struggle during education as he was not diagnosed until he was in his thirties. However, he credits a number of inspiring teachers for helping him build his confidence and believing that he could achieve whatever he put his mind to.

Alongside a varied acting career, Henry has become a successful author with a series of Hank Zipzer children’s books featuring a young dyslexic protagonist. The stories are based on his own struggles and the resulting bullying he overcame. In 2011, he was appointed an honorary OBE for his educational work on dyslexia in the UK.

Henry Winkler said: “School was unbelievably hard for me. Teachers didn’t know what dyslexia was at that time. I got a bad grade in everything but lunch. I was told that I was stupid, lazy and not living up to my potential most of my life. And, when you’re younger and you’re told that, you believe it. Just because we learn differently, that does not mean that we are not incredibly smart human beings. That’s something I need every child to understand. I look forward to spreading this message further at the Education Show 2013.”

Henry will host book signings on the First News stand (K63) on the show floor prior to his talk, and following his speaking session on the Achievement for All 3As stand (G91).

education show 2013Henry Winkler will be speaking in the ‘Finding every child’s talent – Achievement for All’ session during the School Leaders Summit, at 11.00am on Thursday 14 March 2013. A full programme for the conference can be found on the website.

For more information on the My Way! campaign, visit

The Education Show 2013 is free to attend, and runs from Thursday 14- Saturday 16 March 203. Visitors can register to attend at

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