‘Wrong sort of rubbish’ halts collections

Walsall Council’s decision not to collect the ‘wrong sort of rubbish’ is a case of the authority forgetting who it is supposed to serve; Labour Councillor, Sean Coughlan, has warned.

Refuse collection WalsallThe deputy leader of the authority’s Labour group spoke out after homes across the borough saw their green, recycling bins left unemptied following a decision by the Tory/Lib Dem council to penalise residents.

Following complaints from the company which recycles the refuse, the council has told staff not to empty bins which contain the wrong type of rubbish such as some plastics or waste food.

Un-empty bins must then be taken to the borough’s recycling depot by residents before the service is resumed.

Calling for a review of the present arrangements, Councillor Coughlan commented: “It seems the council has forgotten who it serves. The people of Walsall, through their council tax, pay for this service but it seems the contractor determines what level of service we get; it’s a case of the tail wagging the dog.

“In the present economic situation we are told we must be more adaptable and imaginative in how we work but that should also apply to the companies that we buy services from.

“Of course we  need to increase the amount of refuse we recycle to avoid paying landfill tax and protect our environment but we also need a flexible service that works for people.”

“Instead of a blank refusal to empty bins, the council should see how it can improve recycling rates and work with the contractor to deliver better outcomes.”

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