Disability artist commissioned to develop new work for The Public

Disabled artist, Zoe Partington-Sollinger has been commissioned by The Public in West Bromwich and DASH to create a permanent piece of art for their gallery – as part of DASH’s  project IN ‘Disability art in the mainstream’.

Dash - Disability Arts in ShropshireDASH, is a Disability Arts development organisation, which works locally, nationally and internationally with disabled people in partnership with arts and cultural organisations to develop Disability Arts practice.  Responding to a recent call for submissions, Zoe has been commissioned by the West Bromwich arts centre to develop a new an interactive and engaging piece of work for the gallery’s ramp that is accessible and engaging for all ages and abilities.

Zoe will work with participants to create a fascinating work of art that encompasses historical sounds and generates inspiring light patterns.  As visitors play and interact with a series of suspended Perspex rods, similar to that of a digital harp, they will create their own unique audio-visual experience.

Engaging and uplifting, the artwork will allow visitors to guess where the sounds are from, but also create music and compose their own pieces.

Zoe Partington-Sollinger said: “I’ve always been fascinated with how people engage and interact with The Public as they travel down the ramp.  The project has enabled me to investigate how important tactile elements and sound parts can be in helping to create new experiences and emotional chords that you won’t forget.”

Linda Saunders, Managing Director of The Public said: “The new DASH commission will be an exciting interactive and engaging addition to the gallery which will generate new unique experiences for all our audiences.  Unlike a traditional gallery The Public encourages visitors to touch the artwork, so this new work complements our existing collection excellently.”

The new piece will be installed in the gallery in May 2013.

For more information about exhibitions at The Public visit www.thepublic.com or call 0121 533 7161.

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