Feet of clay against the Potters

Andy Munro sees Blues get beaten by Stoke City.

Blues were at least half a yard off the pace, making an ordinary Stoke side look like world beaters In this comprehensive defeat. In truth, there was little to like about such a flat performance.

To put detail to this, the defence looked as nervous as the proverbial kittens with nobody really taking control in terms of organisation. Both full backs were as narrow as a pair of teddy boy drainpipes giving Stoke’s wide players the space and the licence to run riot against the uncomfortable duo of Emmanuel Longelo and Emanuel Aiwu’

Asking MArc Roberts to play like Beckenbauer is a recipe for disaster as is the same for John Ruddy, who thanks to Rooney has lost all his confidence. It’s a paradox that Blues’ defence is now one of the worst (if not THE worst) in the division since the introduction of two international defenders to the coaching staff!

Midfield wasn’t much better although Ivan Sunjic, in fairness, was like the little Dutch boy trying to stick his finger in the dyke whilst only Jordan James occasionally showed glimpses of his class. Noticeably Sirik Dembele had two or three players on him and perhaps the whole sorry show was illustrated when Jay Stansfield was forced wide and as he looked to cross not one of his fellow Blues players was busting a gut to get in the box. Somehow Rooney has left players bereft of both confidence and enthusiasm.

Up top Stansfield ran his socks off and at least deserved his goal which was created by the one chunk of light in the shape of Romelle Donovan. However the question remains how long is Rooney going to be given playing a brand of ‘no fear’ football which has only brought fear to Blues players rather than the opposition.

One thought on “Feet of clay against the Potters

  1. This smacks to me of great player/crap manager and has echoes of Steven Gerrard and his time at the Villa…..
    ‘No fear’ football comes from a naturally gifted footballer who ‘doesn’t do fear’ and tells players to go out and express themselves because that’s what they used to do….
    and ‘playing narrow’….. that’s straight out of the Gerrard playbook!
    communication is key with players as Emery is proving over in B6

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