Police help for local business security

West Midlands Police have released a film aimed at cutting crime against commercial premises.

WMPHQ Lloyd HouseBusiness crime across the region has fallen by almost a quarter in the last year – and police are determined the downward trend will continue by issuing a video encouraging companies to protect their property.

West Midlands Police have released the short film – which includes tips to keep criminals at bay – in the hope local businesses will review their security systems, identify any flaws and make improvements.

Featured on West Midland Police’s YouTube channel and force website, the video illustrates basic advice such as how to secure perimeter fencing, installing CCTV and securing equipment.

Sergeant Andy Gregory, force lead for business crime said: “This short video really gets to the heart of business crime prevention. The key messages displayed cover the main areas of advice we give business holders on a daily basis.”

Business crime in the region has fallen by 24 per cent compared with last year. Sgt Gregory stresses the importance of ensuring this downward trend continues. “We hope members of the business community spend two minutes watching this video and question whether they have the best procedures and systems in place to protect themselves and their livelihoods.”

Commercial premises that have been been a victim of business crime are five times more likely to be targeted again and Sgt Gregory added, “Security should be an integral part of your business plan, not something to looked at after premises has been targeted. This is why it is so important to get the basic crime prevention right.

“The video is shot in a quick, punchy style which we hope will grab the viewer’s attention and then direct them to our website where they can get further, more detailed information about securing their livelihoods.”

Anyone with concerns about crime or in need of security advice can contact the force business crime prevention team by calling 101 and asking to speak to their local crime reduction officer.

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