Birmingham residents keep the flag flying for active kids this autumn

After an inspiring summer of sport across the UK the British Heart Foundation (BHF) is encouraging schools, youth groups and nurseries to keep the enthusiasm going into the autumn by signing up to one of the charity’s sporting initiatives: Artie’s Olympics, Jump Rope For Heart or Ultimate Dodgeball.

Schools ActivitiesSchools, groups and nurseries taking part in any of the activities raise vital funds to help the BHF continue its life-saving work. The scheme also allows the school, group or nursery to keep 20% of the money raised.

Artie’s Olympics is perfect for children aged three to eight and encourages them to get active and enjoy physical exercise from an early age. This scheme is suitable for nurseries, pre and infant schools, and groups such as Beavers and Rainbows.  The BHF provides all you need to hold your own sponsored Artie’s Olympics in the free organiser’s kit that includes: fun-filled physical activities such as welly wanging, action relay, jungle marathon, plus materials for the children to make their own laurel crown, and gold medals and balloons.

Jump Rope For Heart has recently celebrated its silver anniversary and since the first skip 25 years ago, over 25,000 schools and youth groups have taken part. Jump Rope For Heart is open to all schools and groups for children aged seven to 16. The free activity kit is worth over £30 and includes teaching materials, skipping skills and skipping ropes. Once the children are confident with the skipping games you can organise a sponsored “Jump Off’’ at your school or group.

Ultimate Dodgeball is a fun, fast paced, inclusive game that can be played by children of different abilities from ages seven to 18. The free kit provides everything you need to play and to organise your own sponsored tournament where they can show off their new ducking, diving and dodging skills!

As well going towards the recommended one hour of physical activity a day, the activities help schools fulfil criteria linked to the physical activity strand of their curriculum.

Donna Stokes, BHF Birmingham local Fundraising Volunteer Manager, says: “After the summer’s sporting successes, autumn is the perfect time to encourage children to get active. But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy our activities – if children can catch, throw, dodge or skip, then they can take part in Ultimate Dodgeball, Jump Rope For Heart or Artie’s Olympics! Each of the projects is designed to be fun for the children but also to educate them about having a healthy heart and keeping active. A wide range of our children’s resources are available free of charge. But we can only do this thanks to donations of time and money – such as the sponsorship raised from schemes like Jump Rope For Heart, Ultimate Dodgeball and Artie’s Olympics. ”

To find out how you can register and get the children active for the BHF, contact  Donna Stokes on 0121 353 2087 or [email protected], or visit

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