Kicking Off at the Old Joint Stock

Birmingham, England: The Riots, 2011 / 2025

The award-winning Theatre company inamoment is launching its Brum Beats initiative – exploring life in today’s city – here in the heart of Birmingham at the delightful Old Joint Stock Theatre.

A molten weekend, Birmingham, here, but not now, a time when tension is high and the mood is low, a time of the Riots, the Riots of 2025 . . .  48 hours across the city that transform the lives of its citizens . . . the unspoken frustrations that erupt, sending shock-waves through Birmingham . . .

Writer Frank Bramwell: “We’ve brought together 10 Actors to examine the Riots that happened here in Birmingham last year; an event that still prompts debate in our communities. Will we see riots like this again? This is the question the play dares to ask!

The Performances
9 November (7.30pm)
10 November (2.00pm & 7.30pm)
Ticket Prices £12.00 (concession £10.00)

Old Joint Stock Theatre
4 Temple Row West, Birmingham, B2 5NY
Email:[email protected]
Tel:0121 200 0946

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