Bake-off at The Bullion Room

Local jewellers Rex Johnson & Sons took on staff at The Bullion Room in Hockley at a ‘bake off’ to celebrate National Baking Week (15th – 21st October).

Bullion cakes

(left to right) Bake off: Emma Grimshaw, The Bullion Room; Ian Carter, The Jam House, winner David Johnson & runner-up Ben Johnson, Rex Johnson & Sons

The 13 entries which included lemon drizzle, Victoria sponge and various versions of chocolate cake were judged by Ian Carter, Head Chef and pâtissier at the nearby live music venue and restaurant, The Jam House.

Awarding marks for presentation as well as taste and texture Ian chose a luxury chocolate cake made by David Johnson, Managing Director of the family jewellery business as overall winner.

Second place went to son Ben for his light and flavoursome lemon drizzle sponge.  Emma Grimshaw from The Bullion Room, Europe’s premier metal dealer, came third with her impressive Malteaser chocolate gateaux.

Jayne Gourlay also from The Bullion Room was also awarded a top prize for presentation for her cake that was decorated with intricate jewellery items made from fondant icing.

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