Mitchell: I Never Called That Cop ‘A Clegg’

Howard Elston reports


HOWARD ELSTON, our breaking news reporter, with the latest on the chief whip and his foul mouth

Andrew Mitchell  re iterated today that he did not call the Downing Street police officer ‘a Clegg’ after being stopped by the officer on his bike.

The newly appointed government chief whip said this morning he wanted to make it absolutely clear he did not use that expression which many find offensive. But he declined to the waiting media to say what actually did happen.

He says he now wishes to draw a line under the incident and has apologised to the Downing Street policeman for something he did not say.

The police officer has made an official note of the tete a tete between himself and the abusive patrician  politician and The Sun reported today that  Adrian Mitchell did use the disrespectful term.

‘To call someone ‘a Clegg’ in these times is beyond appalling’ said Phil, a second hand car dealer from Leeds who also is a well known commentator on Whitehall.

‘To be called a Clegg should be a criminal matter and lies in the same territory as what John Terry didn’t call Anton Ferdinand on the pitch last season.’

August Mitchell says he will continue both riding his bike and shouting four letter words at cops around London. ‘I have a job to do and will do it.’

A police spokesman said: ‘Mr Alan Mitchell should wash his mouth out. Imagine calling anyone after the Libdem leader.’


Clegg rioters

Meanwhile, protests around the world continued today over Nick Clegg’s apology blunder. Thousands stormed an Ikea branch in  Athens claiming his humiliating mea culpa about the tuition fees  broken promise was anti-Muslim, anti Jewish, anti Christian and anti bellum.

‘Mr Clegg lied to all Libdems around the world,’  said a demonstrator in the crowd. ‘He should have his mouth washed out by his mum.’