Out of the Forest, into the Woods

Andy Munro is both happy and Blue.

Another monkey was thankfully taken off our backs with our first Championship away win, although in a strange sort of way I felt a bit sorry for the wally with the brolly and it was a shame that the Blues were the team to push him over the edge. A well meaning and decent man bloke, he’s probably got far more moral fibre than a certain Aston based Scotsman.

However, the signs weren’t good as my usual trial by radio started – Radio WM reporting an ex-Baggie netting from a corner, a poor goal to concede defensively and Blues with hardly a shot on target. In other words, normal away service was resumed.

Thankfully, the difference this season is that we have wingers with the skill base to change things and a variety of players up front who are capable of scoring goals. We also have a manager who is adaptable and can change things without having to have a committee meeting or calling for references first. As an illustration, as soon as the changes were made there was only going to be one winner and, after yet another Burke stunner, Woods came on to score a brace. Will the Baggies let us keep Woods for a longer period? Let’s hope so, and he obviously wants to stay. Ziggy,who pleasingly pledged to continue to suffer the drudgery of playing in the Championship on £50k a week, is still work in progress, fitness wise.

Personally I think that he’s currently best coming off the bench to change games. Yet again, listeners to Radio WM perceptively pointed out that Blues need a creative, influential and experienced midfielder – not an easy ask to find but we’re definitely short in that department despite an ever improving Gomes.

Anyway, things are looking up and my pragmatic view, that Blues could achieve a solid mid-table position and squeeze into the next stage of the Europa Cup, is looking a realistic scenario.