Magic in the Air for Lindisfarne

Folk rock icons Lindisfarne to play Birmingham Town Hall.

Folk rock legends Lindisfarne’s 2023 UK tour continues with a performance this November at Birmingham’s Town Hall.

It was Lindisfarne’s album Fog on The Tyne that gave them their breakthrough in the UK. Topping the album charts early in 1972 for four weeks, the release remained on-chart for 56 weeks in total while Meet Me on the Corner, one of two songs written by bassist Rod Clements, reached numbe one as a single.

Their roots in the North-East England of 1968, Lindisfarne blended the mercurial song writing talent of singer/guitarist the late Alan Hull with ‘sweet and sour’ harmonies, proud references to their homeland and a boozy, uplifting acoustic-rock swagger that won over the masses in Britain in the early 70s. Over fifty years on and it’s been going well, still.

“We’re so pleased with the response we’ve been getting,” says Rod.

“Everybody loves an evening out enjoying live music and we are very grateful for the strong demand to see us!”

Rod cites an extensive back catalogue as a factor in fans returning again and again to gigs.

“We have a lot of songs,” he says, “and we make a point of rejuvenating our set list regularly which means dusting down old numbers and bringing them back to life and that’s a pleasure for us too.

“Of course,” he adds, “the hits will always be a major feature of a Lindisfarne concert, so Meet Me on The Corner, Run For Home, Fog on The Tyne and other evergreens will never go away.”