The Dean Smith hoodoo strikes again

Andy Munro remains confident despite Blues’ defeat to Norwich.

With a plethora of youngsters in the line up, to only lose this League Cup tie on penalties against a Norwich side tipped to return to the Premier League was a very heartening performance.

Admittedly Norwich had the upper hand in a tight first half, although it was unfortunate to then leak two goals in added time, the second one a shot that Neil Etheridge should have saved.

However, this Blues team are made of sterner stuff than in recent seasons and the much maligned Jonathan Leko pulled one back, a goal that should help his confidence – probably shot to pieces by some of our more impatient and unforgiving fans.

An equaliser was merited and it was only spot kicks that saw us off. All the youngsters performed well with Jobe Bellingham and Alfie Chang studious in midfield, although the star of the show was Josh Williams, who looks a ready made option as a natural wingback.

So, despite being knocked out there were still plenty of reasons to be cheerful and remaining unbeaten – sort of – should do our confidence a world of good, particularly considering the level of the opposition played to date.