Blue Murder

Andy Munro shakes his head at the latest chapter in the Birmingham City saga.

Manchester United fans have been moaning recently about their woes but instead they should count their blessings as they should try being a Bluenose.

We don’t own our ground, we don’t really know who the owners are, we are hemorrhaging players of any note, we seem to be keen to sell youngsters even under contract for a pittance, the ground we don’t own looks like the aftermath of World War Two, we owe squillions of money, making fair play rules a threat to our very existence.

And to make matters worse, the only bids we have had to take over the club are from either a dodgy geezer or somebody who wants to buy us on the never never (a phrase that rings particularly true).

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, Lee Bowyer, a man who bleeds blue blood, is given his cards with nobody in charge with any footballing nous to make a new appointment.

Despite all this, I have renewed my season ticket because I support the club and not the shambolic owners. My one hope is that even though we must be odds on certs for relegation, we play all the youth prospects and we can enjoy watching youngsters who want to play for the club developing and doing us proud.

If only we’d bought a few pegs off those gypsies all those years ago.