Out of the frying pan…

Andy Munro looks at developments in the boardroom at Blues.

After a blinding silence (and in the circumstances it does seem like a mixed metaphor is appropriate), in true Blues fashion the favoured takeover bid from the guy with Rangers connections seems dead in the water, as does the exotic alternative with an Argentinian flavour.

So, surprise surprise it appears as though the bid from Laurence Bassini is in pole position. This, if by any chance you aren’t aware, is a man with credentials that make David Sullivan – to whom he appears not unrelated, at least in the business sense – look like a friendly and trustworthy grandad figure.

Yet even that, it seems to me, is preferable to the current group of faceless individuals from a culture which seems to glory in secrecy and who have turned the club’s ownership into a labyrinthine web of intrigue.

If he is to be believed, which admittedly is a bit of a stretch, then Bassini is at least looking to put together a board of footballing men which one hopes won’t include the likes of the obnoxious Simon Jordan .

Only at the Blues…